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A Little Log Cabin.

A bit of a mad thing happened this weekend. We got engaged. Gulp. Mad. Little log cabin, vintage record player spinning with Simon & Garfunkel records, wood burning fire, the boy did good. He's not one for surprises, so as you can imagine, I am shell shocked, but wanted to share our adventure from this moment onwards. Soho Farmhouse is a dream of a getaway, any excuse, go. Aside from engagement giddyness, it's just the most wonderful place to switch off, put the phone down and escape. Monsoon rain and gail force winds did nothing to ruin our experience, in fact it made it all the more romantic doing the dash from barn to cabin soaking (in Soho wellies ofcourse) and then having nothing to do but warm up in front of an open fire....with a cocktail. So, it seems I've hopped over to the other side, let the planning and madness commence.

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